Unlimited domains available starting from plan 400
PHP 5 and MySQL 5 available on all servers
Domain name price lowered to $9.95
New small plan 100 available for as low as $0.95/mo

The conditions of this program are very simple: as soon as you are registered as reseller, you can purchase any of our hosting plans for very low prices, and can resell them for any price you wish.
We won't contact your clients - you will be responsible for their technical support, as well as accept money for hosting from them. If necessary, if necessary, we can equip you with the system of receiving the money by credit cards (you don't need to pay anything for the installation of this system).
You will have to pay us once a month. You will use anonymous DNS, specially registered by us for reseller program, and your clients won't know that you resell our hosting.

For participation in the reseller program it is necessary for you to buy from us hosting on any of the plans 400 - 6000. After that please fill in the form on this page to receive a special code and necessary instructions.

If you have any questions about the reseller program contact us.